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Death Rumour: Actress Foluke Daramola Calls for Social Media ‘Cleansing’

Actress and filmmaker, Foluke Daramola-Salako, has frowned at what she called the fact that people like hearing negative stories about celebrities.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop against the backdrop of her death rumours spreading in the social media, Daramola-Salako said:

“Some Nigerians don’t like anything good but negativity and scandal is what we have degraded ourselves to celebrate. When someone called me to check on my well-being, i just brushed it asides but when my husband called me and told me that some people had called him to ask him if i was fine, i became scared. I wondered why demonic people would peddle such news about a fellow human being. It’s so sad that someone would ‘joke’ with sensitive things like death.

“Even when i had to visit a mortuary in a movie, i had to undergo deliverance because i was so scared. I’m wondering why a blog would write something as weighty as death about me instead of celebrating me. society needs cleansing and purging of the mind because our value system is dead. we are numb to love, affection and communism. Everybody wants to make money off anything just to get attention and traffic on their news sites.

“It’s just what society has turned to. a lot of people are filled with hatred and negativity.

The society is one that is not driven by love anymore but hatred and that’s why there are so many hate speeches where people celebrate negative things than positive things.

They want an opportunity to bring you down in their sadness. anybody they see happy, they want to bring that person down.”

The anti-rape activist also stated that though social media had become a useful instrument, people sometimes abused it. She said:

“Nigeria is a place where people tend to abuse everything. unfortunately, the anti-social media bill might affect people who are working hard to make a difference, but honestly, social media needs restriction.”


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