EcoBank Supports ‘Legend of Nollywood’ Capacity Training for Less-Privileged

EcoBank Supports 'Legend of Nollywood' Capacity Training for Less-Privileged


Veteran Nollywood actors, directors and producers, Segun Arinze, Zack Orji and Keppy Ekpenyong, Emma Ayalongu are some of the facilitators in the ongoing Legend of Nollywood training and capacity building for the physically challenged and less privileged in our society.

The intensive training which started on Monday and made possible by EcoBank, comprises of five classes where all aspects of movie production, from editing, script writing, acting, make up and make over, including photography amongst others, are being taught.

Legend of Nollywood is a programme created by Paul Obazele which has been recognizing and honouring veterans and legends in the Nigerian movie industry for years and it has decided to take a step further in harnessing these potentials as a means of giving talents a new lease of life and making them self-dependent.
”Once they are able to master their skills, they can be able to stand on their own in the various segments of film production,” Obazele said in a statement.

On EcoBank’s involvement, Obazele, who has lined up professionals in the industry to lecture in the various classes, said the managing director of the bank, Mr. Patrick Akinwuntan, is passionate about empowering people who will not only be financially independent but can soar higher in their chosen fields and grow to be employers of labour. Obazele added that Akinwuntan believes that a sustainable growth and development programmes are some of the keys to the growth of any economy, just like what Nollywood has offered over the years.

Other facilitators include, Ngozi Orji, Tessy White and a renowned judge and member of the jury in some of the top local and international film festivals, Shaibu Husseini. Zen Dream Works, Limited, Unit Celloids Limited and Moma $ Chide Global Resources Limited are some of the companies that are also partnering with Legend of Nollywood on the project.

-Oyin Princess


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